A unique forum to support private equity deal flow and origination

Marianne Halvorsen – Founder





With extensive experience in global risk management insurance solutions, Marianne has held many key client relationship roles during her career. Since leaving Norway in 1999, she pursued an international career. After completing BA at Washington State University, following two masters in business and marketing in Australia, she joined a Global insurance brokerage firm in New York City. To provide additional value to clients and the Private Equity community, she founded KONTAKTSOURCE, a unique forum to support private equity deal flow and origination. Marianne has a passion for helping other women achieve career success, and founded the Growthsource Academy (GSA), a not-for-profit mentoring organization, to help New York City women achieve independence through entrepreneurship. Growthsource now supports women with workshops, mentoring and coaching worldwide. Prior to the inception of the GSA, she also founded the Risk Leadership Development Program for Young Women at St. John’s University.