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Join Kontaktsource for a variety of diverse events where top business leaders have the opportunity to expand their networks. Kontaktsource creates an intimate and friendly environment where people can relax, enjoy themselves while making important connections.

Kontaktsource Events

Kontakt over Kaffe Virtual Schedule

All events take place virtually every Wednesday from 9:00AM-10:00AM.
  • 04/14: Consumer Retail
  • 04/15: Subchapter V: Chapter 11 for the smaller debtor, where is it going and will lessons learned create changes to Chapter 11 overall?
  • 04/21: M&A Market TMT
  • 04/29: Residential Mortgage Lending

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Be My Deal Partner

We believe making connections for dealmakers and building relationships are essential activities in the middle market, especially given the current virtual environment we are all operating in. Given the environment, Kontaktsource strives to provide efficient and targeted deal networking opportunities through one-on-one deal connect events. With that in mind, we have partnered with CohnRezinick, White Oak, and Optimatum Solution, for the ‘Be my Deal Partner’ event, where we hope you will find your next true Deal-Partner. We have focused on inviting investment banks and Private Equity sponsors to network, source new deal flow, and make new connections that will hopefully lead to future success for everyone!

11 Chapters with Kontakt over Bankruptcy

Kontaktsource Bankruptcy brings small groups of professionals together for cross-pollination and discussion with networking in a format robust way to share informally on meaningful topics over Kaffe.  Kontaktsource is a forum by invitation, and this creates a level playing field of discussion, where everyone is equally as interested to be there, to be “on” and to network with those they haven’t seen for a while and make new contacts.  Our unique format makes that possible in a way not previously executed with the larger industry trade organizations, as each chapter is individually curated, more so for like-minded attendees gathering around a topic than mass-blasted “happy hours” oftentimes seen with the same individuals.

Our new series Kontakt over Bankruptcy of 11 themed “chapters” launches virtually in March 2021 and will culminate in in-person gatherings when and where possible.

  1. Changes in latitude, changes in attitude: venue shifts and what do they mean to bankruptcy practitioners?
  2. Subchapter V: Chapter 11 for the smaller debtor, where is it going and will lessons learned create changes to Chapter 11 overall?
  3. Intercreditor Disputes: Tales from the pugilists – when creditors jockey to gain position over another creditor
  4.  Inventory Liquidation and Retail wind-downs: the interplay between struggling retailers and the Chapter 11 process
  5.  A Lender’s perspective to Chapter 11: what are current views of senior-secured lenders and fulcrum security?
  6. I banking: what really differs from in and out of court processes, and what doesn’t
  7. PPP Loans: Hot Topics within the bankruptcy community – how will they play out in the coming months?
  8. Lender Fatigue (Financial Advisor panel) – is Lender Fatigue only limited to financially troubled companies?
  9. Role of the Chief Restructuring Officer: What happens to the C-Suite when CRO comes to town?
  10. Diversity and the bar: how does diversity compare within bankruptcy as compared to other practices and why?
  11. Recent court opinions by jurisdiction: what are the ramifications from a 10,000 foot view?

Deal Source Reception

We hold curated in-person receptions from 5 PM to 7 PM. Due to COVID-19 and everyone’s safety, all events are now virtual.

Want to attend upcoming events or host your own?

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About Our Events

“Kontakt over Kaffe”

We invite senior professionals to be the moderators of the event, and all speakers have equal chances to introduce themselves and ask questions. If participants require, we also set up about 10 minutes for them to be able to meet one-on-one in a breakout room to discuss specific opportunities.

"Gallery Deal Source Reception”

We invite participants to an evening networking reception. The limited number of participants creates an intimate environment. In addition to networking, CEO’s, CFO’s and strategic advisors offer innovative thought leadership on how participants can compete in the marketplace.

“Kontakt Day” Forum

We run a half-day forum to accelerate deal flow. Participants can engage in one-on-one meetings up to 30 minutes. We also have CEO’s, CFO’s and
strategic advisors facilitate discussions and share thought leadership pieces specific to the participants.

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